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Open source CMS consists of free web-based applications that enable users to manage all aspects of their website. This includes items like social sharing, content management, website structure and navigation and site appearance can be managed via CMS. Examples of open source CMS platforms include Drupal, WordPress, TeamSite and NationBuilder: there’s literally thousands of them out there.

Among the many advantages of open source CMS , they are free to use, highly flexible, have reliable support and larger talent pools. In addition to these advantages, businesses can benefit immensely from using open source CMS, improve site navigation, use the many add-on features and most are search engine friendly.

User friendly open source cms is fun to develop

Even without any experience, you can build a simple website. Thanks to open source CMS, the creation and management of websites has never been this easier.

Open source CMS like Umbraco, WordPress and Drupal are developed by massive communities of volunteers. They are popular because they are very flexible and free to use for website development.